Five by Moarn

Released: March 2017
Label: Moarn Music
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A genuine warm creative explosion of soft rhythms, suggestive sounds and intimate voices.

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Cover design by Pere Celma
Artwork by Nate Main, "Vince the Skull" (
Vocals on "Getting Higher" by Sula Mae
Vocals on "It Never Gone a Change" and "Set My Heart On Fire" by Natalie Major
Vocals on "So Tired" and "Shillings" by Leo Wood

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Discography by Moarn



A creative explosion of soft rhythms and suggestive sound. Smoothly blending several electronic, downtempo and chillout genres, Moarn turns them into a new experience, letting his artistic voice shine through. The musical offering is enriched by the intimate voices of young music artists. The listener is taken on a dreamy and mysterious trip through urban settings and exotic climates.

Moarn has released three albums in 2016 (Zero, One and Two) and three albums in 2017 (Three, Four and Five) that reveals the stunning range of Moarn's abilities. His sophisticated musical culture is a continuation of turn-of-the-century masterpieces, echoing with the rich tradition of English trip hop (Portishead, Massive Attack, Tricky) and Viennese downtempo wizards (Tosca, dZihan & Kamien).

ambient, deep house, downtempo, chillout, lounge, nu jazz, trip hop, acid jazz, fusion, big beat, electronic, electro jazz, EDM, house, indie electronica, minimal, techno, trance

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